Drone Survey Inspection vs Scaffolding Costs

22 Feb 2018
Asheville (Front, Close).

Using our drones to inspect buidlings and carry our surveys can save you money versus hiring scaffolding for inspection. Errecting a scaffolding tower can take awywhere from 30 to 60 mins and might only be 8meters tall and cost in the region of £120 to £300 (source) depending our your location. For us to inspect and take photos in your location could cost as little as £100 (excluding travel expenses) and we can fly up to 120 meters covering a much larger area, incuding taking videos of the area.

As no one leaves the ground you do not have to worry about the HSE - “Working at Height” health and safety regulations. It only takes a few minutes to inspect and gather the relevent data required.

Carrying out a drone inspection survey can help you plan and create prioty time tables to carry out maintainance work.

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